ITV2's Love Island - Josh Mair

Love Island star, Josh Mair, contacted us as he wanted the popular ITV2 show to be the launch pad for his new business. Josh needed a web solution that provided him with a way to push his three passions. Health & Fitness, Music and Fashion.

Initially, Josh’s site has been set up to focus on his daily workouts subscriptions program. He describes it as: “The most informative, results-driven online program you will ever invest in! My exact workouts completed in the gym, the previous day which are designed to get you that step closer to your dream physique.”

Already a successful DJ before Love Island, the website will also be taking bookings for Josh in the near future as he continues to play at a variety of events and festivals across the UK, Ibiza and further afield. So, if you want to see what he is up to or even make a booking be sure to check out his website.

As we move further into 2019, we will also be updating the website with information and products relating to Josh’s premium clothing brand and taking advantage of all the benefits that Shopify has to offer. Josh is still working on various designs, but we have seen some of the original concepts, and they are definitely going to turn some heads… Watch this space!

For most websites we build, the website is up and running before it attracts a good following. With celebrities, the reverse is the case. They already have a large audience on social media and in the press, which converts itself to a large amount of web traffic straight away. This means the website is under scrutiny from the second it goes live. This adds a little pressure to the launch day but with the vigorous testing we carried out on all websites we build, we knew it wouldn’t be an issue — another successful 1Hutch project. 

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