Veronica Gautschi

Veronica Gautschi’s designs encapsulate the DNA of their creator: born of a Swiss mother and Italian father, Veronica has intertwined the two sides of her genetic blueprint into a unique blend of geometric lines and sculpted shapes, typical of Swiss functional design, and 100% Italian manufacture founded on the experience and tradition of Tuscan artisan. The result is a range of products of sublime quality infused with the highest values of craftsmanship guaranteed by the made in Italy label. 

This collection offers interchangeable combinations of shades ranging from the decisive character of primary colours to the elegant essentiality of black and white. Each pairing creates a unique contrast, which in turn becomes the genetic blueprint of every woman’s individual style.

“My aim is to contribute to the world of fashion with functional, versatile, recognisable accessories that are also new and original. In creating my designs I always keep in mind the little yet important everyday wishes of contemporary women, such as feeling beautiful and elegant or simply owning highly practical accessories. This is why I decided to give them the chance to turn each handbag and bracelet into a unique and personal creation with customized, interchangeable combinations designed to be a perfect fit for all looks and styles, and for all occasions, day and night.”

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