Zanzi Beauty

ZANZI Beauty was founded to fix a simple injustice. We know how hard it is for women of colour to find the right foundation. It’s not just finding your shade, but getting your undertone right too.

ZANZI BEAUTY is here for women of color. You don’t have to put up with the wrong shade of foundation anymore. Undertones? We’ve got them covered. 

Our new range of carefully crafted foundations has been explicitly designed to match your undertones. We’ve developed a simple system to help you match your shade so that we can send you a selection of free samples to try. We’re currently building an exciting new app that will automatically do this for you by simply taking a selfie.

We also know how much your beautiful skin tone loves richly pigmented cosmetics. We have created these beautiful products, just for you.

 You're special; you're unique, you deserve a product range that celebrates you!