Racing into Excitement: 1HUTCH's Unforgettable Experience at Autosport International Show.

Racing into Excitement: 1HUTCH's Unforgettable Experience at Autosport International Show.

The Autosport International Show, Europe's biggest motorsport event, is an annual celebration of speed, innovation, and the pulse-pounding world of motorsports. This year, 1HUTCH had the privilege of not just attending but exhibiting at this illustrious gathering, hosted at the NEC in Birmingham.

1HUTCH attended to not only to revel in the automotive spectacle but also to share our extensive knowledge in e-commerce and the Shopify platform. As recognised experts and proud partners in the Shopify ecosystem, our team was enthusiastic about engaging with fellow enthusiasts and businesses alike to illuminate the potential of an online presence in the automotive industry. From customised online themed stores to user-centric design and mobile optimisation, we aimed to showcase how our proficiency in Shopify can elevate the digital footprint of automotive brands.

Unveiling the Power: Supercars and Hypercars Galore

As we stepped into the NEC, the sheer magnitude of the event was awe-inspiring. Supercars and hypercars, including our very own eye-catching Jaguar F-type SVR, adorned the venue, creating an ambiance that resonated with the heartbeat of the automotive world. The Autosport International Show was truly a playground for enthusiasts, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

Birmingham's NEC: A Motorsport Oasis

The NEC in Birmingham provided the perfect backdrop for this motorsport extravaganza. Its expansive 4 halls housed a dynamic array of exhibits, showcasing the latest advancements in automotive technology, engineering and design.

Nestled strategically at the heart of Hall 4 - the Performance Hall, the 1HUTCH stall commanded attention in its prime location, directly facing the renowned YouTuber Mat Armstrong and the dynamic Monster Energy (Baggsy) stand.

The Pleasure of Company: Exhibiting Alongside Esteemed Clients

Sharing the exhibition space with some of our esteemed clients, such as The Cannon Run, ATH Vodka, and Mile Deep, was a pleasure beyond words. The camaraderie among exhibitors fostered an environment of unity and collaboration. Being surrounded by fellow Cannon Run sponsors, including Bowler, AutoTech, and The Wrap Sanctuary added an extra layer of excitement.

The team managed to witness a captivating moment as our esteemed partner, Jay Cannon, took the Vibe stage to discuss his new partnership with Bowler.

Unveiling Automotive Artistry: Tomi Music's Ferrari SF90

The Autosport International Show was not just a display of machines but a canvas for automotive artistry. Witnessing Tomi Music reveal his newly custom-wrapped Ferrari SF90, from The Wrap Sanctuary live was a moment that encapsulated the creativity and passion within the automotive community.

Star-Studded Appearances

The show reached new heights with incredible guest appearances. From the wit and wisdom of Gunther Steiner and Bernie Collins to the iconic voices of David Croft (Crofty) and Emma Walsh, the presence of these motorsport luminaries added a touch of glamour to an already spectacular event.

The excitement extended beyond the exhibition hall as the 1HUTCH team was treated to tickets for the live action show. Stunt drivers pushed the limits, and monster trucks roared to life, creating an adrenaline-inducing spectacle that perfectly complemented the high-octane spirit of the Autosport International Show.

Personal Tutorial on Car detailing

One of the most memorable highlights of our participation at the Autosport International Show was the exclusive opportunity for the 1HUTCH team to partake in a personalised detailing tutorial with the experts at Mile Deep. As automotive enthusiasts, getting hands-on with the meticulous art of car detailing was an invaluable experience. Mile Deep's team, known for their exceptional attention to detail and commitment to automotive perfection, graciously shared their expertise, unveiling the secrets behind achieving a flawless finish.

In conclusion, our experience at the Autosport International Show was nothing short of amazing. As the roar of engines echoed through the NEC, we felt a sense of belonging in this motorsport haven. The opportunity to showcase our brand, connect with enthusiasts, and be part of this automotive extravaganza was an adventure we'll cherish.

Until next year, Autosport International Show - you've left an indelible tire mark on our hearts.

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