Excitement at Victory Park: Chorley FC vs. Solihull Moors FA Trophy Match Recap, featuring special guests - Boyzone and Brian McFadden

Excitement at Victory Park: Chorley FC vs. Solihull Moors FA Trophy Match Recap, featuring special guests - Boyzone and Brian McFadden

Last Sunday, the atmosphere at Victory Park was electrifying as Chorley FC clashed with Solihull Moors in an intense FA Trophy match. While Solihull emerged victorious with a 3-1 win, the match was filled with thrilling moments and surprises that kept fans on the edge of their seats, No Matter What. It was the perfect opportunity for Father and Son to attend the game, and people were certainly out in force with over 2000 attendees.

It was an honour for 1HUTCH, partners, and sponsors of Chorley FC, to attend and witness the action-packed game unfold. The partnership between 1HUTCH and Chorley FC continues to strengthen, demonstrating a shared commitment to community engagement and sporting excellence.

The excitement didn't stop at the match itself. Prior to kickoff, 1HUTCH had the unique opportunity to witness something special. The team gathered at Assetti, the company founded by Shane Lynch, to watch him unveil his new rally car for the upcoming season. The anticipation was palpable as supporters eagerly awaited a glimpse of the sleek machine that will carry Lynch through the challenges ahead. The array of super cars that filled the car park provided that Lynch is very much supported, and guests didn’t attend for just Words.

But the surprises didn't end there. Rumours had been swirling about new faces potentially joining Chorley FC, and the match against Solihull Moors provided an unexpected twist. Among the notable guests in attendance were Keith Duffy and Shane Lynch of Boyzone and Bryan McFadden of Westlife, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event, Isn’t it a Wonder?

Speculation intensified as fans wondered about the involvement of these music icons with the club. Could they be the new faces of Chorley FC, bringing their passion for football to the forefront? It could be All That I Need for Chorley FC. The presence of Lynch, Duffy and McFadden only added to the anticipation surrounding the future of the club. With Sky Sports in attendance to interview the popstars, it was obvious the crowd Love these guys for a reason.

As the match progressed, the energy in the stadium reached a fever pitch. Despite Chorley FC's valiant efforts, Solihull Moors proved to be a formidable opponent, ultimately securing a 3-1 victory. However, the spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie prevailed throughout the game, showcasing the true essence of football. Sadly, the luck of the Irish was not the case in this game and Chorley FC, Gave It All Away.

Amidst the excitement and celebrations, Bryan McFadden treated fans to an impromptu performance, belting out Westlife's iconic number 1 hit, "Flying Without Wings." The crowd erupted into cheers, revelling in the unexpected moment of musical magic. Brian, with that voice, it made us feel like the only people in the room, I Love the Way you made the fans feel. You Raised Me Up, along with the rest of the down hearted Chorley supporters.

While the result may not have been in Chorley FC's favour, the match against Solihull Moors was a testament to the team's resilience and determination. With the support of dedicated sponsors like 1HUTCH and the prospect of new partnerships on the horizon, the future looks bright for Chorley FC. I Have A Dream and so do Chorley FC.

As the season progresses, fans eagerly anticipate what lies ahead, fuelled by the passion and excitement that defines the beautiful game. One thing is for certain – the memories created at Victory Park will continue to inspire generations of football enthusiasts for years to come.

Chorley FC - Your all that I need.

This weekend, the 1HUTCH team is gearing up to return to Chorley FC for a cause close to our hearts. We'll be there to support #helpinghannah, a remarkable initiative aimed at assisting Hannah, the wife of Chorley FC forward Jack Sampson. Hannah was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in December 2023, and her ongoing treatment requires support from the community. Following the game against Southport FC at home this Saturday, Chorley FC will host a charity auction. From signed Tyson Fury boxing gloves to a 2-camera CCTV system, there really is something for everyone to bid on, with all proceeds contributing to Hannah's ongoing treatment. Let's come together and make a difference for Hannah and her family.


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