A License to Thrill: The Cannon Run's Mega Run Launch Party

A License to Thrill: The Cannon Run's Mega Run Launch Party

We at 1HUTCH are buzzing with excitement for The Cannon Run's launch party for the Mega Run, even though we’re gutted to be missing the action this year. The launch party tonight is set to be a spectacular, James Bond-themed extravaganza, filled with all the glitz and glamour you'd expect from a 007 event. Think Aston Martins, tuxedos, and martinis – shaken, not stirred, of course!

Being a proud partner and sponsor of The Cannon Run is truly an honour. We’re thrilled to support an event that embodies the thrill of the drive, the luxury and elegance of Bond, and the spirit of adventure. Our 1H logo will be proudly displayed on all the cars participating in the Mega Run, marking our presence in spirit, even if we can't be there in person.

This incredible flagship event starts in London and sees The Cannon Run family head to Luxembourg on day one. Day two sees the supercar convoy head south to Annecy. From Annecy the guy’s head onto Monaco and get to stay the night at The Fairmount Hotel, which is located on the most famous hairpin bend in the world. On day five, the convoy head from Monaco onto stunning Lake Garda in Italy. Day six means the guys leave Lake Garda and head to Ljubljana in Slovenia. On day seven, which is the last full day of driving, everyone will leave the city of Ljubljana and head to Wörthersee in Austria. The final morning of driving sees everyone head to Grossglockner, where this incredible journey comes to an end.

In true Bond style, our very own Directors, Hutch and Ash, have stepped into the roles of our double agents. They might not have the MI6 credentials, but their dedication to 1HUTCH and their commitment to delivering excellence are just as impressive as any secret agent’s dossier.

The Mega Run promises to be an event to remember, with incredible cars, daring stunts, and a sense of camaraderie that rivals even the closest of MI6 teams. While we won’t be mingling with other agents at the launch party, we’re there in spirit, cheering on everyone who’s part of this thrilling journey.

So, here’s to The Cannon Run's Mega Run launch party – may it be filled with adventure, elegance, and the indomitable spirit of James Bond. And remember, whether on the road or behind the scenes, 1HUTCH has got your back. Because in the world of e-commerce and digital solutions, we’re always ready for the next mission.

Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the ride – it’s bound to be a thrilling one!

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