Crafting Legacy: Redefining JJ Field & Co Ltd Haulage Contractors’ Iconic Look

Crafting Legacy: Redefining JJ Field & Co Ltd Haulage Contractors’ Iconic Look

In the heart of Dudley, West Midlands, stands a legacy of transportation excellence: JJ Field & Co Ltd Haulage Contractors. For over a century and across three generations, this family business has been the backbone of logistics, delivering reliability, and trust to every corner of the UK. When such a venerable institution approached 1HUTCH, our team felt both honoured and challenged to redefine their iconic look for a new era. 

As a premier e-commerce and design agency based in the UK, 1HUTCH understands the power of visual storytelling. We knew that JJ Field's lorry design wasn't just about aesthetics; it was about encapsulating their rich history, values, and commitment to excellence on the open road.

Our journey began with an immersive dive into JJ Field's heritage. We walked through their storied halls, soaked in the echoes of a century's worth of dedication, and absorbed the essence of what made them a timeless icon in the transportation industry. It was clear: our design had to honour their legacy while propelling them into the future.

Drawing inspiration from Dudley's industrial roots and JJ Field's unwavering dedication, we crafted a design concept that married tradition with modernity. Bold typography reminiscent of vintage signage paid homage to their heritage, while a dynamic colour palette of deep blue and sleek silver accents brought a contemporary twist.

Collaboration was at the core of our process. We worked hand-in-hand with JJ Field's team, listening to their insights, understanding their aspirations, and refining our concepts to perfection. Every iteration brought us closer to capturing the essence of JJ Field's identity in a design that would resonate with their audience for another century to come.

Once the design concept was approved, it was time to bring it to life. With precision and care, we meticulously executed the design on JJ Field's latest addition to their ever-growing fleet, a fourth generation DAF truck, ensuring every detail was perfect. From the placement of the logo to the choice of colours, no aspect was overlooked in our pursuit of excellence 

The unveiling of JJ Field's new DAF truck was met with awe and admiration. As it rolled out of the workshop and onto the streets, it carried with it not just cargo, but a legacy reborn. Passers-by marvelled at its striking design, while JJ Field's team beamed with pride, knowing they were driving a piece of history into the future.

At 1HUTCH, we're more than just a design agency; we're storytellers. Our collaboration with JJ Field is a testament to the power of design in preserving legacies and shaping futures.

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